Mountain Restaurant Tomanegger

Anyone exploring the Salto — or as the locals call it, the Monzoccolo — should definitely take a break on the idyllic terrace of the mountain restaurant Tomanegger. Our guesthouse is picturesquely located in the Valas district, slightly off the road connecting Meltina with San Genesio.

Behind the house, a spacious terrace awaits you, inviting you to linger. Here, you can enjoy a diverse menu in a relaxed atmosphere, offering both Italian and traditional South Tyrolean specialties. Each dish is prepared with fresh, regional ingredients, reflecting the culinary diversity of our region.

A visit is especially worthwhile in clear weather, as the view of the majestic Catinaccio and the imposing Dolomites is simply breathtaking. On sunny days, you will experience a panorama that is second to none, providing the perfect backdrop for a delightful rest. Of course, even on foggy days, a stay at our cozy guesthouse is a true pleasure, although the spectacular view may not be fully appreciated then.

Make your excursion a special experience and enjoy the unique combination of delicious food, warm hospitality, and an unparalleled view at the mountain restaurant Tomanegger.

Special: Recharge under our 500-year-old sycamore tree

Experience special moments of peace and relaxation under our majestic, 500-year-old sycamore tree. This imposing tree, which has witnessed many generations, offers not only a shady place to linger but also a unique atmosphere to recharge your energy. Let yourself be inspired by the natural energy of this special place and fully enjoy the tranquility and beauty of nature.

Place for kids

For our little ones, as well as our grown-up guests, the mountain restaurant Tomanegger has much to offer. Our spacious sun terrace invites you to relax, while children have plenty of room to run and play. A special highlight is our children's playground with a sandbox, which provides lots of fun and joy for young adventurers. Here, you can enjoy the fresh mountain air and create unforgettable moments together.

Open Monday to Sunday
Closed on Wednesdays
Hot Kitchen: 11:30 AM to 7:00 PM
Evening: by reservation only
Bar Service: 9:00 AM to 8:00 PM